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What you need to know about polyurethane casting materials

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-10
Vacuum molding is a process similar to injection molding. Usually use CNC or 3D printing to make a prototype, and then pour polyurethane material into the silicone mold to make the required parts. Flexible molds have short delivery time and low cost. You can choose rigid or flexible materials, and you can also adjust the color to obtain better surface quality. So how do you choose the right castable material for your project? Factors to Consider in Selecting Polyurethane Casting Materials Polyurethane materials can be rigid, flexible, transparent, and come in a variety of colors. Designers or engineers should choose the most suitable material according to their project requirements. -Aesthetic requirements: Appearance texture, color, whether it is transparent, and what kind of presentation effect needs to be achieved; -Usage environment: For example, the parts need to be exposed to extreme temperature and ultraviolet rays; -Functional requirements: For example, it needs to be better sealed and fit , the parts that can be wrapped and molded should be made of softer rubber-like materials. For those with high impact strength and good stability, choose materials like ABS. 3 Common Polyurethane Casting Materials 1. Hei-cast 8150 Casting Material This material is a Japanese brand and is a general-purpose, low-cost polyurethane material whose strength and impact resistance are comparable to ABS (a thermoplastic polymer) comparable to. Tough and durable, it is the best choice for most product enclosures, such as consumer electronics, toys, equipment, and more. The color of the pouring material can be adjusted for products with color schemes or prototypes of various colors, because the color is not only on the surface, and there is no need to worry about the color falling off, and it will not affect the texture of the surface. In addition, because polyurethane casting materials are not sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, if the product needs to be used outdoors, it is necessary to add a layer of anti-UV coating. 2. PX 5210 casting material This French brand casting material is a transparent material, similar to PMMA material. Suitable for some transparent optical components, such as light guides, lenses or lighting components. When using this material, pay attention to the use of vacuum pouring during the production process to remove air bubbles, otherwise it will affect the appearance of the transparent casting. Of course, this material can also adjust the color. For example a part has two colors but want to make it as a whole, not separately. At this time, you can use this transparent pouring material to adjust the color, pour the opaque part first, and then pour the transparent part (to avoid that if the opaque part is poured later, the material will flow to the transparent part, thereby affecting the appearance effect), so as to obtain overall effect. In addition, it can also be used to imitate injection molding materials with diffusive functions. Through the preliminary test, a certain proportion of diffusing powder is added to the casting material, and the color is adjusted at the same time to obtain diffusive functions. 3. UPS-8400 casting material This casting material is elastic, and its hardness can be adjusted within a certain range. Like rubber, elastic polyurethanes offer many mechanical property advantages. Has good impact resistance and flexibility. They can be used for items such as rubber handles and skins, overmolding, buttons and keypads, cable connectors, and even rubber boots. Products with a hardness of 50 Shore A and below provide high tensile strength, toughness and flexibility, while those from 60 to 80 Shore A are ideal for producing wear-resistant parts and fixtures with some flexibility. Polyurethane casting: a good choice of small batch manufacturing process For many manufacturing projects, polyurethane casting can shorten production time, reduce mold costs, and flexibly select materials to meet project needs. Whether it is high-strength rigid materials, transparent optical parts, or flexible materials with high tensile strength, it can be realized. Of course, if you don't know how to choose, choosing a reliable manufacturer from Wo Neng can reduce the burden and provide professional manufacturing suggestions, please feel free to contact us.
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