Rapid prototyping manufacturer, reduce mechanical processing and save material and processing costs.

Customized available

Not just making hanging system as customer's requirements,think more ,do better,no limitation.

Step 1

Customer sending us general or accurate suspension  application or design

Step 2

We make the first design as customer requiements and actual production

Step 3

Double checking by customer and confirmed by both

Step 3

Sample testing and confirmation 

Our Service

1. Investment casting has high dimensional accuracy and smooth surface, which can eliminate or reduce mechanical processing and save material and processing costs  


2. It can produce parts with complex shapes, thin-walled parts, or cast multiple parts into one, eliminating assembly or welding work  


3. Exquisite words or patterns can be cast on the surface of the castings to show and enhance your company image.  


4. The materials are not restricted, and various alloy materials can be prepared according to the needs of customers according to the standards of various countries


5. Castings have high production efficiency, good repeatability, and easy mass production


Communication and cooperation bring perfect close links and unlimited benefits.

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