Rapid prototyping manufacturer, reduce mechanical processing and save material and processing costs.

Reverse engineering (copying) is to scan the sample (prototype) with high precision through a laser copying machine to obtain the point data of the product's 3D contour, combined with reverse engineering (product structure design) software (proe, ug, etc.) to reconstruct the surface The process of generating entities. It is a way of rapid product development!

Product structure design is a general term for drawing the appearance of the product in line with the effect drawing (or reference prototype) and designing the internal structure and mechanical parts of the product based on the effect drawing or similar reference prototype provided by the customer. At present, the commonly used product structure design software is proe, ug, solidwork

Vowin has senior structural design engineers and mold design engineers, who can provide link services from design to mold to help customers speed up the development process!

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