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What problems should be paid attention to in plastic injection molding processing operations?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-16
What should be paid attention to in plastic injection molding operation? Many friends outside the industry are not very clear. Mulan specializes in plastic injection molding and has rich experience in the industry. Let us tell you what you should pay attention to in plastic injection molding processing.

1. Production process adjustment:
1. First, whether the process parameters are the same as the actual model, materials and molds;

2. When the process parameters are input at the same time, the first beer starts to produce at a slightly lower pressure and speed, and then gradually adjusts (according to the product quality ratio);

3. In the absence of process parameters, it is necessary to understand the adjustment of mold structure, glue volume, etc. It is strictly forbidden to adjust blindly, pay attention to the insufficient mold of the special mold, and the glue enters the glue position;

2. Operator production:
1. Check whether the safety adjustment of the machine is safe;

2. Whether the operator is familiar with the production product quality standard before operation;

3. The plastic injection molding processing factory stated that the processing method should be correct, such as: the position of the nozzle must be flat or flat, and other edges must not be approved or cut;

4. Check the appearance and pay attention to shrinkage, mixed colors, top height, lack of glue, material flowers, etc. The limit of receiving the goods must not be clear;

5. Mirrors and other products with strict appearance requirements. Light buttons. These products are not sprayed with oil, must not be assembled outside, and must not have handprint oil spots. The workbench should be kept clean and must not scratch or scratch the product;

6. Carry out a comprehensive inspection of the product every 30 minutes, carefully inspect the samples and quality inspection packaging instructions, to ensure that the product qualification rate reaches 100%;

7. At the same time, pay attention to whether the machine nozzle is leaking glue, whether the hopper needs to be filled, whether there is a problem with the mold, and whether the production task is completed every hour;

8. An overview of the plastic injection molding processing plant. When a box is completed, carefully check the quantity, fill in the label paper correctly, pay attention to whether it is wrongly pasted, and place the goods in the specified area and arrange them neatly.
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