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What is the reason for the sprue to stick to the mold during injection molding?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-12
Main channel sticking refers to the phenomenon that the main channel of the injection molding product fails to separate from the plastic mold. If the pressure protection is applied for a long time, the size of the main channel increases, or the part of the main channel of the plastic mold is damaged, resistance will be generated, so that the main channel cannot fall off when the mold is opened.

Reasons and solutions for main channel sticking mold during injection molding:
(1) The cooling time during injection molding is too short, and the sprue is not cooled and solidified.

(2) The slope of the main channel is not enough, and the drafting slope of the main channel should be increased.

(3) Leakage due to inappropriate dimensions between the main channel bushing of the injection mold and the nozzle.

(4) The surface of the main channel is too rough and there is no cold well.

(5) The nozzle temperature of the injection molding machine is too low, and the injection temperature should be increased.
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