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Two-color injection molding requirements and characteristics

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-17
The matching materials of two-color injection molding must meet two basic compatibility conditions, namely, adhesion and processing technology. In addition, the following requirements must be met:

(1) Injection unit: Parallel to the same direction, parallel to the same direction, horizontal and vertical L-shaped, Y-single-cylinder injection structure in the same direction;
(2) Mixing nozzles: special nozzles such as patterns, waves, flow marks, gradients, interlayers, etc.;

(3) Die clamping: standard type, vertical turntable type, horizontal turntable type, rotating shaft type, manipulator rotation type and other mechanisms;

(4) Feeding: In addition to the standard hydraulic motor drive, there is also a standard hydraulic motor drive. ESD (ElectricScrewDrive) electric feeding structure;

(5) Oil circuit: ACC accumulator high-speed injection and closed circuit design.

Two-color injection molding characteristics
(1) Strong performance and high energy saving: After the energy-saving transformation of the injection molding machine, the system responds quickly, and the injection molding machine can quickly adjust the supply according to its own needs, effectively improving the power utilization rate of the injection molding machine and realizing high efficiency and energy saving.

(2) Good stability: The system is a double closed-loop control of pressure and flow, and the supply of the injection molding machine is determined according to the needs of the injection molding machine. Under the action of a given input or external disturbance, the system can reach a new equilibrium state after a short adjustment process, or return to the original equilibrium state.

(3) Good fast response: fast response is one of the important signs of the dynamic quality of the servo system. Due to the short production transition time, generally 200ms, during this period, in order to achieve the overshoot requirement, the front of the transition process is steep, and the rising rate is relatively large after energy-saving transformation, and the injection molding machine reaches 1500 rpm in less than 0.03 seconds.

(4) High precision: The precision after transformation refers to the precision that the output can follow the input. The servo motor adopts permanent magnet technology, which is accurate and fast. The servo motor adopts permanent magnet technology PLC technology, and the control is more accurate. The allowable deviation is generally between 0.01 and 0.00lmm.

(5) Energy saving: Adopt billet removal system to reduce power consumption.

(6) Improve efficiency and reduce cost: achieve high response, high repeatability, and improve speed stability; two raw materials or two colors can be molded at the same time, greatly reducing process and manpower, and saving costs; parameter setting, system adjustment is very simple digital operations.
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