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CNC Processing Knowledge About Vowin Model

CNC Processing Knowledge About Vowin Model


1. Improve personnel quality

In order to meet the development needs of the country, the quality of personnel is an aspect of the machinery manufacturing industry in urgent need of investment to improve.First of all, we should strengthen personnel construction in the attitude, establish a reward and punishment system, let the standardized production system and performance linked, mobilize the enthusiasm of personnel.In addition, to commend advanced individuals, the use of meetings and posters, the formation of advanced individuals lead the role model, set an example, so as to correct unhealthy tendencies and establish a good working environment.Secondly, in terms of personnel technical construction, regular training should be organized, corresponding course plans should be made for practical problems in operation to improve personnel operation level and make the training more targeted. Besides, regular assessment should be conducted according to the training content, and the assessment results should be included into performance indicators to enhance employees' learning enthusiasm.Install knife operation, for example,it is an important tache in CNC machining, also practice easy to one aspect of quality and safety problems, in the course of training set, the need in the numerical control milling cutter structure, installation tools, etc, and the structure of cutter to classify face milling cutter structure and vertical milling cutter structure, to make the interpretation of course more refined.Finally, in the process of production, to improve the operation specification, and realize the whole process of construction supervision mechanism, once in production to solve the problems in time, reduce the operation of employees, guarantee in limited personnel structure, improve the staff's labor productivity and promote its further optimization of production quality, make the product more  competitive on the market!

2.Strengthen equipment management

In relationship to the CNC machining equipment operation process specifications, generally by the CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, CNC machining centers, CNC edm shaping machine, CNC wire-cut edm machine, laser cutting machine and other equipment, it needs to related machinery manufacturing enterprises in the actual management to strengthen the management of operation for each equipment.Machinery manufacturing enterprises after the actual investigation and study, using the data from the integrated analysis of relative imperfect part in the process of production, on the basis of the optimization of technical operation, draw lessons from excellent mechanical manufacturing enterprise management mode, perfect the operation specification, for their own enterprise is not ideal, build strength, open mind, strengthen innovation, enhance knowledge of numerical control technology reserves, strengthen their own CNC processing technology and the innovation of the quality management system, makes technology updates, processing construction level of ascension.In addition, managers should fully focus on equipment market, actively introduce advanced equipment to improve the level of its own infrastructure, and to research the market price of the related equipment, to improve enterprise's production capacity by the lowest price, to strengthen the construction of enterprise of quality and safety, to reduce production cost, and engaged in test equipment, the introduction of promoting production equipment and the actual production situation of alignment, perfect equipment construction process.For example, the point control cnc machine tool can realize the ability of several coordinates to move to the coordinate point at the same time;The linear control CNC machine tool can adjust the feed rate of each coordinate within a certain range, including the ability of linear control machining and point position;The function of contour control CNC machine tool is issued by the software, to ensure the production cost, is the most widely used in the present stage of a KIND of CNC equipment.Therefore, enterprises should choose equipment according to their own actual, improve the equipment management procedures.

3. Improve CNC machining design

The design scheme of CNC machining is the direction guidance of NC machining operation. Scientific design scheme can improve the index construction of each link of NC machining and promote the overall feasibility of operation. In the design of NC machining scheme, attention should be paid to the following three aspects: first of all, the overall planning should be carried out for the specific content of the work, and the expected production and construction should be made clear Secondly, it is necessary to improve the scientificity and operability of drawing, analyze according to the production drawings, select the appropriate process for production operation; finally, determine the production plan according to the collected situation, and divide the primary and secondary parts according to the important contents of production and processing, and improve the production links. The cost consumption of numerical control equipment has a certain increase compared with the traditional processing method, but its operation efficiency and accuracy are several times of the traditional process, and the degree of automation of numerical control processing technology has been significantly improved. According to the actual requirements of production, the operation procedures of numerical control technology need to be further improved on the original basis. Under the premise of ensuring the production environment, it is necessary to strengthen the operation regulation of power supply and other necessary production facilities. For example, through the use of dedicated power supply and the installation of voltage stabilizing device, the unnecessary impact of external factors such as power supply fluctuation or interference signal on the production link can be effectively reduced, and the production efficiency can be improved.

4. Optimize the quality and safety supervision mechanism

The construction of good quality and safety management mechanism is inseparable from the intervention of supervision means, which requires the use of scientific means, the establishment of effective supervision system, the improvement of production procedures, and the promotion of product quality according to the relevant factors of CNC technology in actual production. Firstly, it is necessary to formulate safety standards in the production link to optimize the production operation and ensure the operation foundation of the enterprise; secondly, it is necessary to improve the internal configuration of the enterprise, starting from the operation link of the front-line production personnel, so as to reduce the production error and improve the internal construction of the enterprise; finally, to formulate perfect operation procedures, such as use and lubrication. The connection of maintenance and other aspects of personnel is an important aspect in the actual operation of numerical control. It is necessary to establish a perfect management system to ensure that there is no gap in the process of personnel handover to ensure the production operation. Through the actual investigation, it can be seen that the standardized operation program management is the premise to ensure the safe operation of CNC machine tools, and also the guarantee of product quality. Through the procedure specification, the risk of equipment failure can be effectively reduced. Through the improvement of the supervision mechanism, a good production environment has been created for the enterprise. While ensuring the product quality, the production efficiency and safety assurance level are improved, and the production efficiency of the machinery manufacturing industry is further improved.

More CNC processing knowledge,Shenzhen Vowin Model Design Co., Ltd. will continue to update, please look forward to!

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