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The pros and cons of hand processing of hardware accessories

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-10
1. The content of hardware accessories suitable for CNC machining can generally be considered in the following order when selecting: (1) The content that cannot be processed by general-purpose machine tools should be the preferred content; (2) The content that is difficult to process by general-purpose machine tools and the quality is difficult to guarantee The content should be selected as the key content; (3) The content of general-purpose machine tools with low processing efficiency and labor-intensive manual operation can be selected when the CNC machine tools still have sufficient processing capacity. 2. The content of hardware accessories that are not suitable for CNC machining (1) It takes a long time to adjust the machine. If the first fine datum is processed with the rough datum of the blank, special tooling is required to coordinate the content; (2) The processing parts are scattered, and multiple installations and origins are required. At this time, the use of numerical control machining is very troublesome, and the effect is not obvious, and general-purpose machine tools can be arranged for supplementary processing; (3) The profile of the surface processed according to certain specific manufacturing basis (such as templates, etc.). The main reason is that it is difficult to obtain data, and it is easy to conflict with the test basis, which increases the difficulty of programming.
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