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The plastic mold factory tells you: the classification and characteristics of plastic raw materials?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-21
As an important raw material for plastic mold factory to manufacture products, plastic affects the quality of injection molded plastic products, so we must pay great attention to the selection of plastic raw materials. We generally process and manufacture raw materials manufactured by customers. We can also recommend materials according to the usage requirements of customers' products. So how to choose plastic material? How are plastic materials classified and what are their characteristics?

Plastics are classified according to their use:
Ordinary plastics generally refer to plastic materials with large output, wide application, good formability and low price.

Engineering plastics—generally refers to plastic raw materials that can withstand certain external forces, have good mechanical properties and dimensional stability, and can still maintain their excellent properties under high and low temperatures, and can be used as engineering structural parts.

Special plastics - generally refers to plastic raw materials with special functions (such as heat resistance, self-lubricating, etc.).
What are the characteristics of plastic?

1. Light weight, higher than strength.

2. Good electrical insulation performance.

3. Good chemical stability.

4. Excellent friction reduction and wear resistance.

5. Light transmission and protection performance.

6. It has the advantages of shock absorption and noise reduction.
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