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The injection molding machine has been shut down for a long time, what problems need to be paid attention to before starting up

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-07
1. Turn on the main power switch of the machine tool, check whether the equipment is leaking, and preheat the barrel and mold according to the set process temperature requirements. When the temperature of the barrel reaches the process temperature, it must be kept for more than 20 minutes to ensure the temperature of each part of the barrel uniform.

2. Open the cooling water valve of the oil cooler, cool the oil return and water delivery pipes, and start the oil pump by jogging. If no abnormal phenomenon is found, the oil pump can be officially started, and the operation can only be started after the screen displays 'motor on'. Pay attention to the motor Reverse and check that the safety door is functioning normally.

3. Manually start the screw to rotate, and check whether the sound of screw rotation is abnormal or stuck.

4. The operator must use the safety door. If the travel switch of the safety door fails, it is not allowed to start the machine, and it is strictly forbidden to operate without using the safety door (cover).

5. All kinds of cover plates and protective covers of electrical appliances, hydraulic pressure and rotating parts of the operating equipment should be covered and fixed.

6. Non-on-duty operators are not allowed to press the buttons and handles without permission, and two or more people are not allowed to operate the same injection molding machine at the same time.

7. When placing the mold and inserts, it must be stable and reliable. If any abnormalities are found during the mold closing process, the machine should be stopped immediately and the technicians should be notified to troubleshoot.

8. When the machine is repaired or the mold is cleaned for a long time (more than 10 minutes), the injection seat must be moved back to make the nozzle leave the mold, and the motor should be turned off. When the maintenance personnel repair the machine, the operator is not allowed to leave the post.

9. No one is allowed to start the motor when someone is handling the machine or mold.

10. When the body enters the machine tool or the mold opening, the power must be cut off.

11. Avoid hitting the fixed mold with the injection seat when the mold is opened to prevent the fixed mold from falling off.

12. Injection into the air generally does not exceed 5 seconds each time. When two consecutive injections do not move, pay attention to notify the neighbors to avoid the danger zone. When cleaning the nozzle rubber head, do not clean it directly by hand, use iron pliers or other tools to avoid burns.

13. There are high temperature, high pressure and high power in the working process of the melted rubber cylinder. It is forbidden to step on, climb and place objects on the melted rubber cylinder to prevent soup injury, electric shock and fire.

14. When the hopper is not feeding, it is not allowed to use metal rods and rods, and violently poke the hopper to avoid damage to the partition screen, shield cover and magnet frame in the hopper. If the screw is rotating, it is very easy for the metal rod to be involved in the machine. Severe damage to equipment accidents.

15. If abnormal sound, peculiar smell, sparks, oil leakage and other abnormalities are found during the operation of the injection molding machine, stop the machine immediately, report to the relevant personnel immediately, and explain the failure phenomenon and possible reasons.

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