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Several factors affecting the precision of CNC hand plate processing

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-09
If the customer wants to make a relatively large prototype, it needs to see how complex it is. If the structure is relatively simple, it can be directly processed as a whole. The cost of doing this may be a little higher, but the performance of the prototype will also be Better; if the prototype is more complicated, it needs to be disassembled for processing. Although it is cheaper to disassemble, it is not as good as the whole piece in terms of firmness and load-bearing capacity. If you are making an appearance prototype, it needs to be exactly the same as the drawing. This requires the prototype factory to pay more attention to the aspect of appearance treatment, especially the aspect of fuel injection, and there should be no deviations. Several factors that affect the processing accuracy of CNC prototype models: 1. Dimensional accuracy refers to the degree of agreement between the actual size of the part after computer gong processing and the center of the tolerance zone of the part size. Dimensional accuracy is controlled by dimensional tolerances. Dimensional tolerance is the allowable variation in part size during cutting. In the case of the same basic size, the smaller the dimensional tolerance and the higher the dimensional accuracy. 2. Shape accuracy refers to the degree of conformity between the actual geometric shape of the processed part surface and the ideal geometric shape. The items for evaluating shape accuracy include straightness, flatness, roundness, cylindricity, and line profile. Shape accuracy is controlled by shape tolerances. Except for roundness and cylindricity, which are divided into 13 precision grades, the rest are divided into 12 precision grades. Level 1 is the highest and level 12 is the lowest. 3. Position accuracy refers to the actual position accuracy difference between the relevant surfaces of the processed parts. The items for evaluating position accuracy include parallelism, perpendicularity, inclination, coaxiality, symmetry, position, circular runout and full runout. Position accuracy is controlled by position tolerance, and the position tolerance of each item is also divided into 12 precision grades. 4. Knives: The knives used in processing machines are generally tungsten steel knives. After using this kind of knives for several times, the knives will wear out, so there are errors in the knives. CNC processing is the most direct and effective way to find out the defects, deficiencies, and disadvantages of the design product and the reality. If you can’t find the flaws, you can do a small amount of production before mass production. . Therefore, the importance and accuracy of model production determine whether the specifications of mass-produced products meet the design requirements. The surface treatment of the hand board is generally divided into surface effects such as oil spraying, electroplating, frosting, silk screen printing, and pad printing.
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