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Reasons for shortage of plastic products in injection molding production

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-17
Previously, I introduced the shortage of injection molded products and the influencing factors of the selected injection molding machine and plastic mold design. Next, let's talk about the impact of the injection molding production process on product shortages.

(1) Improper feeding during injection molding production. Inaccurate feeding or abnormal operation of the feeding control system, limited injection molding machine, mold or operating conditions, resulting in abnormal injection cycle, which may lead to material shortage. In addition, when there is too much storage in the cylinder, the screw of the injection molding machine needs to consume more injection pressure to promote the remaining material in the cylinder, which greatly reduces the amount of plastic entering the mold cavity, making it difficult to fill the product.
(2) The pressure is too low during injection molding, the injection time is short, and the plunger or screw returns prematurely. The viscosity of molten plastic will increase at low operating temperature, resulting in poor fluidity and lack of material in plastic products.

(3) The injection speed is too slow. The injection speed has a great influence on some plastics with complex shapes, large changes in product wall thickness, and high viscosity. When the product cannot be filled with high pressure, it can be injected with high speed.

(4) The material temperature is too low during injection molding. If the temperature at the front end of the barrel is low, due to the cooling effect of the plastic mold, the viscosity of the melt entering the cavity will increase, hindering the passage of the molten plastic, thereby affecting the filling of the mold; if the temperature at the rear of the barrel is low, the plastic with higher viscosity Flow will be more difficult, preventing the screw from moving forward, creating the illusion of adequate pressure.
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