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Prototype silicone production process

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-08
The silica gel used in the hand model making cable has the following characteristics: 1. Low viscosity, good fluidity, easy operation; 2. Small shrinkage, no deformation; 3. Suitable for small batch mold replication; 4. Good weather resistance, high and low temperature, Acid-base, aging. The following details should be paid attention to in the production of silicone hand-plate model molds: (1) The proportion of silicone curing agent should be accurate. Group A silicone, B group curing agent, the general amount of curing agent added is 2%-3%. (2) Vacuuming Stir the silica gel and curing agent evenly according to a certain ratio, and then carry out vacuuming treatment. (3) Degassing The mixed rubber should be degassed before filling the mold. (4) Handle the original model Handle the original prototype model or the product to be copied. (5) Surface treatment Use liquid paraffin or surfactant as a release agent. (6) Curing and demoulding The model after mixing and degassing needs a certain temperature and time for curing.
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