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Overmolding Design Specific Requirements

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-18
What are the specific requirements for overmolding design? Shanghai Mulan Vertical Overmolding Injection Mold Factory said that many products in our daily life use overmolding for injection molding, such as toothbrushes, handles, buttons, etc., which consist of two types Or products composed of more than two kinds of materials are mostly processed by injection molding of overmolding. If you don’t pay attention to the overmolding injection molding process, problems such as dimensional deviation, product compression molding, and package failure may occur, so you need to take it seriously before designing the overmolding mold. So, what are the specific requirements for overmolding mold design?

Shanghai Mulan Vertical Overmolding Injection Mold Factory, which has served Japanese brands for more than 10 years, shared the following experience in overmolding design and processing:

1. The contact position of the parting surface of the overmolding mold is small, and the mold base needs to be balanced quickly;

2. When designing the overmolding mold, a standard small nozzle base is used, and the first injection part should be placed on the front mold as much as possible during the second injection;

3. The thickness of the soft glue of the overmolding mold is recommended to be around 1.3mm~1.8mm. If the glue is too thin, it is difficult to glue, and if the glue is too thick, it will easily shrink during production;

4. The water entry point needs to fully consider the glue running balance, and the size of the water entry point must be adjustable;

5. The flow channel design should be U-shaped as much as possible, with a unilateral slope of 15°;

6. The structure of the overmolding mold has row position sealing, and the row position should be designed in the front mold as much as possible to facilitate mold closing.

There are still many specific requirements for overmolding mold design, so I won’t list them one by one again. If you are interested in overmolding mold design, please contact us by phone. The injection mold factory provides you with a one-stop solution for the manufacturing and processing of overmolding molds.
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