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Injection molded part shell Injection mold Moving mold oblique core pulling

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-13
1. Structural analysis of plastic parts

Injection mold shell injection mold moving mold oblique core-pulling, Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory plastic parts are flat parts, the projection area is relatively large, plastic parts should be prevented from deformation when injecting molds, the structure of plastic parts is not complicated, but there are four The oblique cylindrical hole increases the difficulty of demoulding the plastic part. The difficulty in the design of the injection mold is the gating system and the lateral core-pulling mechanism, as well as the cooling system.

2. Structural analysis of injection mold

Since there is a large square through hole in the middle of the plastic part, Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory adopts the side gate gating system to feed the material from the internal test, which simplifies the structure of the injection mold and is beneficial to the melt. filling. The 'S' shape of the runner is not a trick. It has two advantages: one is to prevent the melt from rushing directly into the cavity, causing defects such as snake lines or flow marks on the surface of the plastic part; the other is that it can be installed at the end of the runner. The cold material hole prevents the cold material in the runner from entering the cavity. The oblique core-pulling on the movable mold side of the injection mold adopts the structure of 'T-shaped buckle + T-shaped groove', and a parting surface is added to the movable mold part to convert the mold opening distance into the oblique core-pulling distance. According to the structural size of the plastic part, the minimum core-pulling distance for oblique core-pulling is 7.0mm, and the safety distance is 4mm. The core-pulling distance for plastic mold oblique core-pulling is 11mm, which can be obtained by drawing: the mold opening distance between the movable template and the movable mold pallet The sliding distance of the oblique core pulling in the T-shaped slot block is 4.8mm. After the core pulling is completed, the plastic part is pushed out by the push rod. When designing oblique core-pulling, it is necessary to prevent the T-shaped buckle of the oblique core-pulling from breaking away from the T-shaped slot.

3. Mold working process

The shell of the injection molded injection mold is inclined to pull the core, and the melt enters the mold cavity through the side gate gating system. After the injection molding is completed by Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory and cooled and solidified, the molding injection mold is opened, and the nylon plug and spring Under the action of the action, the movable template and the supporting plate are opened first, and the opening distance is 12mm, which is controlled by the limit nail. In this process, the T-shaped slot pulling block pulls the oblique core-pulling to complete the oblique core-pulling. Afterwards, the injection mold is opened from the parting surface 2. After the mold opening stroke is completed, the injection molding machine pushes the push rod fixing plate, and the push rod pushes the plastic part out of the mold cavity.
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