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How to use injection mold

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-20
Molds create value in use, but gradually lose value in use. Therefore, operators must attach great importance to the use of injection molds, and generally should pay attention to the following issues.

(1) Before use, check all parts of the mold for impurities and dirt. Scrub the remaining plastic and impurities in the mold with cotton yarn, and scrape off the firmly bonded adhesive with a copper knife.
(2) Choose the clamping force reasonably, subject to the fact that no flash occurs when the product is formed. It cannot be considered that the higher the better, it will increase power consumption and easily damage the transmission components.

(3) Each transmission part must be well lubricated, therefore, these parts must be kept lubricated.

(4) Any part in the mold must not be hit with heavy objects such as langtou to avoid deformation or even damage.
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