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How to find a suitable and reliable injection molding factory

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-16
How to find a suitable and reliable injection molding processing factory? Do you have such a feeling that when there is no need, it feels like there are injection molding processing factories everywhere, as if every factory is doing injection molding production; but when you have an order for injection molding processing When looking for a factory to cooperate with each other for processing, it is found that no matter how hard you try, it is difficult to find a factory that can cooperate tacitly? Yes, this is a very helpless problem. The reason for this problem is the unequal information on the one hand. , On the one hand, it is also different from the respective demands of the supply and demand sides, and there is also the problem of smooth communication. So, as an injection molding manufacturer, how to find a suitable injection molding processing factory to provide services?

1. How to find an injection molding factory

1. Introduced by friends: Usually, the injection molding manufacturers introduced by friends have relatively clear rigid conditions such as production scale and strength, and their willingness to cooperate is relatively strong. Because there is friendship in the middle, the cooperation is relatively tacit;

2. Search nearby: just search around. The injection molding processing plants are usually set up on the first floor. This is due to the requirements of injection molding equipment. Injection molding factories will generally set up conspicuous signs, so it is not difficult to find, plus there are This layer of 'neighbor' relationship will also have advantages when coordinated;

3. Look for industry giants: Compared with ordinary processing plants, industry giants are always easier to find. Every industry will have a few well-known companies. However, such factories are generally large in scale and small in size. They usually don't pick up, so make sure you really need them before you go to them.

Second, the injection molding factory should meet the following requirements

1. The level of injection molding is equivalent: injection molding factories are divided into large, medium and small scales. Usually, large factories like to accept large-scale orders and orders with high profit points. They are often unwilling to accept products with small quantities or strict cost control. So position your own product needs well, and don't blindly pursue big factories;

2. The product direction is the same: the injection molding factories on the track generally have a dedicated product production direction, because this can make the company more competitive in a certain field. If it is a counterpart processing factory, it can provide you with better products and Serve;

3. Smooth communication: Some injection molding factories have many levels and complicated management. A piece of information feedback may take several days in the past, or there are many intermediary communicators, resulting in incomplete information and low communication efficiency; having a good communication channel can save money. More time, and can guarantee the integrity of information dissemination;

3. How to cooperate more viscously

1. Injection molding cooperation requires equality: don’t exist. I am the employer, and the injection molding factory must listen to me and serve me. Respect the injection molding company, so that they will also respect you and your products. This is the beginning of a good cooperative relationship ;

2. The importance of communication: Injection molding is the result of a physical and chemical reaction. There are certain unstable factors that have a great impact on product molding and use. When problems arise, it is necessary to communicate in time, and there is a communication and implementation mechanism. The purpose is to solve the problem;

3. Reasonable profit distribution: Usually, the processing price of injection molding products is the result of a combination of production difficulty, output, and injection molding costs. Giving reasonable profits to processing plants is the premise to ensure long-term stability of cooperation. Of course, it is also required Injection molding factories have a long-term cooperation thinking scale.

How to find a suitable and reliable injection molding processing factory? Shanghai Mulan Injection Molding Processing Factory reminds you to pay special attention to the fact that finding a partner who is well-matched and has a common ideal with you is an important guarantee for mutual benefit and mutual support, which also reflects In the degree of product focus mentioned above; a good injection molding factory can help customers improve product quality, and a good customer can also provide a steady stream of production capacity for the stable development of injection molding companies.
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