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How to choose and calculate the thickness of the molding mold for injection molding products

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-07
When designing the forming mold, the thickness of the mold should be determined by the height of the injection molded part first, and then checked according to the maximum stroke size of the template on the injection molding machine. If the thickness of the female mold part in the fixed molding mold is less than 8max value, a backing plate should be added when assembling the fixed mold, otherwise the mechanical parts will be damaged when the injection mold is closed; if this dimension is greater than the δmax value, the injection molding machine will not be able to close the mold Work.

In the hydraulic mechanical mold clamping device, when designing the molding mold, attention must be paid to controlling the minimum and maximum thickness of the fixed mold (female mold); the difference between the maximum and minimum thickness of the mold is the mold clamping mechanism. The maximum size of the installation adjustment.
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