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How to choose a reliable injection molding manufacturer

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-09
Now there are many injection molding processing plants on the market, including large processing plants and small family workshops. If you are choosing an injection molding factory, it is recommended that you must do a good job in the preliminary investigation and make a choice. How to choose a reliable injection molding factory? You can never go wrong with following these steps.

1. Professional ability

First of all, it is necessary to conduct a 360-degree inspection of the injection molding processing plant to see if it is a one-stop injection molding processing factory, and whether it has the ability to provide one-stop services from mold design and manufacturing, product injection molding processing, and plastic shell surface treatment (oil injection, silk screen, etc.) Serve.

2. Quality testing

Maybe what you talked about is good, but a small sample test must be carried out. First, the injection molding processing plant is required to provide proofing services according to the pre-set goals. Through this link, the production quality of the injection molding processing plant can basically be tested. If the sample link comes out The effect is not very satisfactory, so the next big product is basically even worse. Therefore, the proofing and testing link is the last layer of insurance mechanism, which must be carefully examined.

3. Cost performance

The cost performance is put at the end. Generally, small manufacturers will negotiate the price with you. If you want to find a reliable injection molding factory, this link is usually placed at the end. When you find an injection molding factory that meets the previous links, you will usually find another one. Compare the quotations of the two or so, and through the final comparison of regions, prices, services, etc., you can basically find the injection molding factory that best suits you.

4. Factory scale: Here I would like to recommend to everyone that Xionghui Electronics has a factory area of ​​3,500 square meters and more than 60 imported injection molding equipment;

5. A technical production team of more than 80 people and 12 quality inspection procedures ensure on-time delivery and monitor to ensure the quality of each product.

6. Process technology: In addition to the scale of the manufacturer, the technology should also be focused on. The quality of technology is directly related to the quality of good products.

7. After-sales service: Some manufacturers don’t care about the later service after the shipment is completed, such as the condition of the product after use, customer service feedback, etc. This makes customers feel bad.

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