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How long does it take to open a set of overmolding

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-04
How long does it take to open a set of overmolding? Many customers of cross-border e-commerce, brand companies, and trading companies are very concerned about the processing of the overmolding mold and the opening time of the overmolding mold during overmolding. Especially for customers with short project time, the requirements for mold delivery are more urgent. So, how long does it take for the rubber mold factory to open a set of rubber molds?

How long does it take to open a set of overmolding? Shanghai Mulan Overmolding Mold Factory has served Japanese brands for more than 10 years, focusing on the customized business of small household appliances, household beauty instruments, and maternal and child products. It has accumulated certain experience in overmolding mold design and manufacturing. Shanghai Mulan said that the customization cycle of overmolding molds is generally about 25 to 30 days. However, the manufacturing cycle of overmolding is related to many factors and cannot be generalized.

1. The complexity of the structure of the overmolding mold: the more complex the structure of the plastic part, the more difficult it is to open the mold, especially the more parting surfaces, assembly positions, buckle positions, hole positions, rib positions, the difficulty of mold manufacturing and processing The larger the value, the time spent will increase accordingly;

2. The size of the plastic product is related: the larger the size of the plastic product, the more aspects need to be considered and taken into account, and the mold opening time is relatively increased;

3. How much is the demand for plastic products: the greater the total demand for plastic products, considering the total cost of overmolding and injection molding processing, the cost of injection molding processing will generally be reduced by increasing the number of molds taken. In this case, the mold The more the number of holes, the more complex the mold structure, and the mold opening time will increase accordingly.

The above is the detailed introduction of 'How long does it take to open a set of rubber molds' by Shanghai Mulan Rubber Mold Factory. If you have other questions about the design of the overmolding mold and the structure of the overmolding mold, please visit our official website to learn more, or call Zuo Sheng, who has more than 20 years of experience in injection mold processing: 18926067475 (same number on WeChat), for communication and consultation.
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