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Hand plate surface treatment - anodic oxidation

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-08
Effects of anodizing treatment: 1. Protective properties 2. Decorative properties 3. Insulation properties 4. Improving the binding force with organic coatings 5. Improving the binding force with organic coatings, etc. It is carried out under the condition of high voltage, it is an electrochemical reaction process; conductive oxidation (also called chemical oxidation) does not need to be energized, but only needs to be soaked in the potion, it is a pure chemical reaction . 2. Anodic oxidation takes a long time, usually tens of minutes, while conductive oxidation only takes a few tens of seconds. 3. The film formed by anodic oxidation has several microns to dozens of microns, and is hard and wear-resistant, while the film produced by conductive oxidation is only 0.01-0.15 microns. The wear resistance is not very good, but it can conduct electricity and resist atmospheric corrosion, which is its advantage. 4. The oxide film is originally non-conductive, but because the film formed by conductive oxidation is really very thin, it is conductive.
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