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Common problems in the design of plastic mold manufacturers in Shanghai

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-22
Common problems in the design of plastic mold manufacturers in Shanghai? Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory puts forward many requirements in a variety of industrial products, such as the grasp of the size and shape of plastic molds. Therefore, it is reasonable to increase the manufacturing efficiency of industrial products Plan the plastic mold. Nowadays, plastic mold designers mainly have three problems when planning molds, 1. The shortening rate of plastic molds is inconsistent; 2. The tolerance is inconsistent; 3. The cooling degree is inconsistent, so that
The design efficiency of plastic molds is seriously affected.

(1). The shrinkage rate is inconsistent. The manufacturing environment of plastic molds requires high temperature and high pressure, so it is necessary to create an environment to dissolve the plastic and then inject it into the cavity. The shrinkage is in the process of converting liquid plastic into a solid. According to the characteristics of the plastic itself, the mold cavity will actually be larger than the plastic mold. Therefore, when designers design plastic molds, it is necessary to consider the shrinkage rate of plastics. However, some designers today do not consider that the shrinkage rates of different types of plastics are different, and the shrinkage rate cannot be calculated programmatically. Once the shortening rate is calculated incorrectly, the shape of the mold made will also be affected to a certain extent.

(2). Plastic molds with inconsistent tolerance marks and different proportions will be made into different products. High tolerance marks mean that the plastic mold processing technology is relatively complicated, and low tolerance marks mean that the precision of plastic molds is not high enough. Therefore, it should be the key point for planners to plan plastic molds to consider the tolerance of molds. The current situation is that when designing molds, there are still designers who set tolerance specifications based on past experience, resulting in deviations in mold dimensions and changes in shape, which largely affects the quality of plastic mold design and its reference value.

(3). Inconsistent thermal expansion coefficients The thermal expansion coefficients of different plastic materials are different, and the shape and size of the plastic after cooling are directly affected by the thermal expansion coefficient. Therefore, plastic product designers must consider the thermal expansion coefficient when designing plastic molds, and make timely adjustments to the planning scale of plastic molds according to changes in actual conditions. Now some planners do not plan according to the planning procedure and do not use the coefficient of thermal expansion, and the result is that the product cannot meet the requirements of practice, so that the planning efficiency of the entire plastic mold is greatly reduced.
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