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Cavitation is a common problem in injection molding

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-15
The so-called cavitation refers to the fact that the material in the injection mold is solidified from the surface, and the entire volume in the mold is relatively insufficient, thus forming a hole in a vacuum state. It usually appears on the thickness of the product and the injection material. Transparent products have cavitation problems. Cavitation occasions for opaque products are unobstructed and should not be seen inside the product. Since the cavitation caused by water and volatiles generally spreads to all parts of the product, the shape of the cavitation is generally small.

1. What is the cause of cavitation in injection molded products?
1. Insufficient pressure in the injection mold

2. There is moisture and volatility in the material

3. The thickness of the injection molding product is too large and uneven

Two: What are the solutions to cavitation of injection molding products?

1. Increase the injection pressure of injection molding and prolong the holding time. Since the moisture and volatility of the plastic are separated, the plastic material must be completely dry, and the temperature of the heating cylinder can be reduced.

2. The injection port and the gate can be enlarged appropriately.

3. Eliminate excessive thickness of the product.

Three: due to different materials
1. Cavitation and other problems are prone to occur in the case of thick crystalline materials and products.

Four: Precautions

1. It is better to cool slowly after taking out the injection molded product.
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