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4 Best Tips for Choosing a Reliable CNC Shop for Your Prototypes

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-10
If a good design is far from success, then finding a good CNC processing factory is only one step away from success. I have a very good design, and I am eager to implement it at this time, what should I do next? Find a CNC machining shop. Understand your needs and analyze your own needs, try some methods to find the most suitable CNC processing factory for your own design. Before starting this stage, you need to make a 2D and 3D drawing of your design. Those about tolerances, materials, surface treatments, and appearance characteristics of your design can be revealed in the drawing. In order to make your design run more smoothly, it is recommended that you determine the most critical tolerances. Four suggestions for choosing a suitable CNC processing factory 1. Whether it has qualification certification I believe you will not choose a small workshop to produce your own design, because it may not even have the most basic business license, let alone some qualification certificates, so the company's Qualification is also one of the reference standards. Prototype models made in some special industries may require some certification, so that both service and production are guaranteed, so that your own design can be handled professionally. 2. Pay attention to the length of establishment and the size of the situation. The long establishment of the factory means that it has rich experience and has a set of own solutions to emergencies. In addition, the scale can be selected according to the situation. If your design needs to be released immediately, and the time is very urgent, a large-scale CNC processing plant is a wise choice for you at this time, because its technical equipment is more advanced and complete. CNC machining parts require less time than other factories, generally small prototype factories have fewer personnel, and it is difficult to guarantee the delivery time. Therefore, the final delivery period should be controlled according to the progress of your own research and development. 3. Pay attention to the situation of technical personnel and equipment Technical equipment and professional personnel are extremely important to CNC processing plants, which directly determine whether it can continue to operate smoothly. For example, in a CNC processing factory, the processing technology includes CNC numerical control processing, 3D printing processing (SLA&SLS), vacuum injection molding, complex mold processing, etc. If you need to make a large piece, it is better to use CNC processing, because the cost of the CNC prototype model is based on the total cost of materials, CNC man-hours and surface treatment. If it is a small part with a complex structure, it will take a long time for computer coding, and it will be difficult to reduce the cost of the prototype. However, if it is made by SLA (3D printing processing) at this time, because the product is small and light in weight, the cost can be relatively low and production can be realized. 4. What projects are you good at, and whether they meet your needs? For example, I want to make a trophy with a transparent interior. For this kind of design with relatively high requirements, its size is not large, mainly because the interior is hollow and needs to be disassembled for processing After assembly and bonding, it is obvious that CNC processing is not suitable at this time. From the perspective of size and surface feature structure, it is better to choose SLA process. The whole process is to start from the material and process, and seek an optimal solution to realize your own design. The general small-scale prototype factory cannot meet the requirements of transparency and internal hollow at the same time. After knowing your needs, you can look for manufacturers who are good at these processes. How are complaints handled? Making mistakes is not terrible, what is terrible is not being able to correct mistakes in time, even an excellent CNC processing factory will have customer complaints, but only a truly excellent CNC processing factory will pay attention to customer complaints and feedback. Part of what drives a CNC shop forward is customer feedback, so there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a responsible CNC shop.
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