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Why does plastic mold injection molding have poor blanking?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-19
When the plastic mold is injection molded, occasionally the plastic material cannot enter the screw from the hopper, especially the nylon material. What is causing this situation?

1. Recycled materials cannot be used in injection molding. The diameter of the screw of the small injection molding machine is thin, and the lower part of the hopper is shallow, so it cannot enter the large recycled materials.
2. When using pellets containing glass fibers, short pellets should be used as much as possible. This is fine for large materials. .Medium-sized injection molding machines have no effect, but for small machines, the molded products are also small, and the length of the glass fiber should be short.

3. The set temperature of the hopper of the injection molding machine is too high, and the plastic melts to accelerate the flow, and it is impossible to continue to use the screw to convey.
4. If the screw back pressure of the injection molding machine is too high, even if the screw rotates and does not retreat, when dealing with nylon plastic, the back pressure should be low and the setting should be low.

5. During semi-automatic molding, the stop time is unstable, and it will also cause poor feeding of nylon plastic.
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