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Why does injection molding production sometimes sluggish?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-14
Injection molding production delays result in extended production times and, if they must be addressed, increase production costs. Therefore, the reason for the delay in injection molding production is a problem that must be solved. The following are the reasons and solutions that may affect the delay of injection molding production:

(1) The high temperature of the molten plastic will increase the cooling time of the product. At this time, the cylinder temperature should be reduced, the screw speed or back pressure should be reduced, and the temperature of each section of the cylinder should be adjusted.
(2) The temperature of the injection mold is high, which affects the cooling and molding of the molten plastic, resulting in stuck, clamped injection molded products and shutdown. To improve the situation, we need to enhance the cooling of the waterways.

(3) The molding time is unstable. Automatic or semi-automatic operation should be used.

(4) Insufficient heating of the injection molding machine barrel. In this case, a machine with a large plasticizing capacity should be used or the preheating of the material should be strengthened.

(5) Improve the production process conditions of the injection molding machine, such as oil pressure, oil volume, mold clamping force, etc.
(6) The nozzle of the injection molding machine is drooling. In this case, the temperature of the barrel and nozzle should be controlled or the self-locking nozzle should be replaced.

(7) The wall thickness of plastic parts is too thick. The injection mold should be improved and the wall thickness should be minimized.
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