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Why do undershot defects occur during injection molding?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-14
Why do undershot defects occur during injection molding? After any special situation occurs, we need to analyze what caused the special situation to find out the correct strategic solution. After summarizing by experienced engineers, the following are some of the reasons.

The main reason for the lack of injection is that the flow resistance of the molten plastic is too large, so that the melt cannot continue to flow. Factors that affect the flow of molten plastic include: plastic part wall thickness, plastic injection mold temperature, injection pressure, molten plastic temperature, and plastic material composition. These factors can all lead to defects.

If the plastic product has a thinner structure near the gate, or at a position perpendicular to the flow direction, generally the position of the steel bar, then during the injection molding process, the molten plastic will encounter greater forward resistance when passing through this position, But because the main channel flows smoothly and there is no flow pressure, only when the melt fills or enters the pressure in the direction of the main channel, will it form enough pressure to fill the stagnant part. At this time, because the position is very thin, the plastic melt does not flow, Without heat supplement, it cools and solidifies, causing attention.
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