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What to do if the plastic injection mold leaks?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-16
Plastic injection mold leaks are usually as follows:

1. It appears at the joint of the injection mold cooling water pipe. If water leakage is found, the sealing tape should be wrapped around the thread of the water pipe joint, and then tightened.
2. Due to long-term working conditions, the waterproof ring in the injection mold will be damaged, and the waterproof rubber ring is easy to harden and crack, resulting in water leakage. Poor installation of some waterproof rings can also cause seal failure. Generally, it is necessary to regularly check the installation position and sealing performance of the sealing ring.

3. The cooling hole in the injection mold is damaged. The designed wall thickness is sufficient, but the hole wall is cracked due to machining errors or post-processing.
4. Maintenance of cooling water holes. The cooling water hole is easy to scale, hinders heat transfer, seriously blocks the waterway, and requires regular maintenance.

Compared with other molds, the structure of injection molds is more complex and precise, and the requirements for operation and maintenance are also higher. Therefore, during the entire injection molding production process, correct use and careful maintenance are of great significance to maintain the normal and efficient production of the enterprise.
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