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What should be paid attention to when plastic molds receive water?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-21
Water transport for plastic molds plays an important role in the molding of injection molded parts. Avoid problems when catching water and avoid obvious appearance quality defects on the surface of the final formed part. What should be paid attention to when receiving water?

The core components of the mold must be protected. When receiving water, care should be taken to prevent the copper head of the water pipe, screwdriver and art knife from being scratched, and prevent the residual water in the water pipe from falling on the surface of the mold. For the mold core, you can choose a sponge or bubble bag that is larger than the surface of the mold to stick on the mold core.
When inserting the mold water pipe, it cannot be aligned with the common mold surface and the mother mold surface to avoid the water pipe block mirror. When installing, check whether the waterproof rubber ring in the water pipe matches, so as to avoid affecting the seal due to lack of rubber ring.

After connecting the water, connect the safety bead and check whether it is loose, so as to avoid the water pipe falling off during the test and affect the production. Before testing the water, make sure that the length of the water pipe should not be too short or too long. If the length is unreasonable, it will affect the mold opening stroke.

After testing the water, arrange the water pipes neatly for easy inspection and replacement. Turn on the mold thermometer, check whether the mold is leaking, and deal with it in time.
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