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What method can be used to reduce injection molding time

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-06
In this increasingly competitive business society, improving production efficiency can often help us turn defeat into victory in the competition. Get more done in the shortest amount of time. This is the essence of improving efficiency. This article describes several ways to improve injection molding cycle times using existing or newly designed injection molding machines or molds. In the case of determining the amount of energy, reduce the injection molding time.

Generally speaking, the injection molding cycle of a hydraulically driven injection molding machine refers to the start of mold closing to the next mold closing. Mold clamping is generally divided into four sections: fast mold clamping, slow mold clamping, low pressure mold protection and high pressure mold clamping, four mold operations. For the recently designed toggle-joint injection molding machines, there are regenerative mold clamping oil circuits to strive for higher mold clamping speed. It is suitable for use under the premise that the mold is not subject to high impact.

The time required for the high-pressure clamping section can be shortened by using the lowest clamping force that results in a flash-free finished product. Moreover, molds, tie rods, toggles and templates of injection molding machines will also prolong their life due to the use of low clamping force. Life extension is a priority. If a mold with a clamping force of 50 tons is sufficient, it does not need to use a clamping force of 51 tons, even though your injection molding machine has a higher clamping force.

I have heard that the mold is basically a heat exchanger. Yes, the mold continuously takes away the heat of melting through the cold water channel, and a properly designed mold can improve the efficiency of heat exchange. Highly efficient scenario, however, ice water cooling can shorten the 'cooldown time' when allowed. If the mold is cooled by ice water, the dew point can be lowered by the drying fan and the sealed mold clamping device to prevent condensation.

Open the mold at the highest speed without tearing the finished product and without producing a loud mold opening sound. Some exquisite injection molding machines have decompression equipment before mold opening, and even high-speed mold opening will not produce noise. So the big noise should be smaller than the small noise. In order to achieve accurate mold stop position under high-speed mold opening, brake valve or closed-loop control can be used.

ejected. On small injection molding machines with small ejection force, pneumatic ejection can be used, which has a higher speed than hydraulic ejection. Electric ejection is faster than pneumatic ejection. The mold can be designed to be ejected by the mold opening action instead of using the ejection device on the injection molding machine. Only this method can only be ejected once. This is the simplest method of ejecting while opening the mold. The ejection of the module is also quite fast.

Back off. The vibration ejection of the injection molding machine can be used for multiple ejection of some finished products. The thimble does not need to be fully retracted each time to shorten the time for multiple ejections. The ejection time needs to be controlled. The last push back can start at the same time as the mold clamping. Because the stroke of the thimble is shorter than that of the template, the thimble will always be fully retracted before locking the mold.

This is one aspect of doing the best. The cost of an injection molding machine with 3 independent oil circuits is higher. Two parallel-action injection molding machines generally use one oil circuit for the mold clamping device, and the other oil circuit for the injection device. The two oil circuits are divided into categories to perform the functions they are good at. This is based on the fact that the injection molding machine generally divides the clamping device oil circuit And the consideration of the oil circuit board of the injection device.

The hybrid hybrid injection molding machine integrates the strengths of the two types of drives and cooperates ingeniously. The general design is that electric feeding is combined with other actions of hydraulic pressure, such as Husky's Hyelectric injection molding machine. There is also a very powerful dual-pump injection. The dual pump design uses only one oil pump for injection. The oil circuit can be slightly changed so that the two pumps work together during injection, thereby increasing the injection speed by nearly double.

If you really want to reduce the time of injection molding, I think the most important thing is to improve the production efficiency of injection molding. For example: how many business volumes have been solved for how many customers per unit time. How much time is added to each business when solving customer problems. This is a very troublesome thing, and it is another thing that has to be faced.
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