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What is the meaning of ejector stick design for injection mold processing

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-14
What is the significance of ejector rod design for injection mold processing? When the technology of injection mold design is relatively mature, the competition is the sophistication of the design. A failure in the design of a detail may lead to redoing of the entire injection mold, so even for a relatively common ejector pin, if the design is improper, there may be many problems in the process of injection mold processing. So how to design the top rod to make the mold processing smoother?

Let's take a look at how the old designers of the injection mold processing factory solve these problems.

1. Push out the design of balance considerations

What is the significance of ejector rod design for injection mold processing? When the injection mold is processed and formed, the ejector breaks and burns the needle. These problems have a lot to do with the balance of ejection. In order to balance the ejection, there are also specifications for the design size and distribution of KO holes (ejector holes). Through the reasonable design of needle positions for different types of molds, the effect of ejection balance can be achieved!

2. Considering the design of the position of the top stick

The tonnage of the injection molding machine is not the same, and the size of the top rod is also different. The KO hole of the lower fixing plate of the injection mold is based on the actual size of the top rod, and then avoids 5mm on one side. The ejector rod designed in this way can reciprocate without interference!

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