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What is the injection molding cycle in injection molding production?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-11
What is the injection molding cycle in injection molding production? The time required to complete the injection molding process is called the molding cycle, also known as the molding cycle. Today, Mulan sorted out the relevant information and introduced the injection molding cycle, let us take a look together.

Molding cycle: Molding cycle directly affects labor productivity and equipment utilization. Therefore, in the production process, under the premise of ensuring the quality, every relevant time in the molding cycle should be shortened as much as possible. In the entire molding cycle, injection time and cooling time are very important and have a great impact on product quality. The filling time in the injection time is directly related to the filling rate, and the charging time in production is generally about 3-5 seconds.

The pressure holding time in the injection time is the pressure time of the plastic in the cavity, which accounts for a large proportion of the entire injection time, generally around 20-120 seconds (for extra thick parts, it can be as high as 5 seconds to 10 minutes). Before the molten material at the gate is frozen, the holding time will affect the dimensional accuracy of the product, and it will not affect it later. Dwell time is also beneficial and is known to depend on material temperature, mold temperature, sprue and gate dimensions.

If the size and process conditions of the sprue and gate are normal, the pressure value with a small fluctuation range of product shrinkage is usually used as the standard. The cooling time mainly depends on the thickness of the product, the thermal and crystallization properties of the plastic, and the mold temperature. The end of the cooling time should be based on the principle of ensuring that the product does not change when it is demolded. The cooling time is generally between 30 and 120 seconds. Too long cooling time is unnecessary, which not only reduces production efficiency, but also makes it difficult for complex parts to demoulding, and even release stress when forced to demould. Other times in the molding cycle are related to the continuity and automation of the production process and the degree of continuity and automation.
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