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What is PEEK material and its characteristics

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-04
The diversity of engineering applications requires materials that can perform optimally over a wide range of temperature conditions. Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is one such material that is not only a lightweight polymer but also performs well at high temperatures and over a broad temperature range. Read on to learn more about peek's features. What is PEEK? Polyether ether ketone, commonly referred to as PEEK, is a colorless organic thermoplastic polymer with mechanical and chemical properties suitable for a wide range of engineering applications. It belongs to the polyaryletherketone (PAEK) family of polymers. It is usually manufactured by stepwise polymerization. Compared with other polymers, PEEK is more expensive, but it has excellent performance in several aspects. PEEK has excellent wear resistance and is popular in several areas of engineering. PEEK Material Properties PEEK polymer has chemical resistance and physical properties, tensile strength, dimensional stability, and its mechanical properties have high temperature resistance. 1. High temperature resistance PEEK with high performance engineering thermoplastic is a high temperature resistant advanced thermoplastic material. Due to its high heat resistance and thermal conductivity, PEEK maintains high strength with operating temperature even at very high temperatures. It can withstand short-term operating temperatures up to 300°C and continuous use high temperatures of 250°C, which is one of the reasons why PEEK materials can be used where heat resistance needs to be considered. 2. Good mechanical properties PEEK has the best fatigue resistance among all resins, and its combination of excellent mechanical strength and fatigue resistance is more prominent among all plastics, and its performance is not worse than some alloys, so its mechanical properties are also not bad. Its mechanical strength is continuous under all processing conditions. 3. Wear resistance and lubricity PEEK and its composite materials have excellent wear resistance, and some PEEK have extremely low friction and wear coefficients. PEEK has excellent sliding properties, especially in the field of bearings. Its own sliding properties greatly reduce the coefficient of friction, allowing certain parts to operate without lubricants, and also in media such as water, weak acids, and alkalis. 4. Chemical resistance (corrosion resistance) PEEK has stable chemical resistance. It is chemically resistant to acids, bases, organic solvents and other chemicals, as well as various gases. PEEK has corrosion resistance, and corrosion resistance generally refers to the ability of metals to resist the corrosion and destructive effects of surrounding media. PEEK belongs to the field of PAEK plastics and polymer materials. Its material composition, chemical properties, structure and morphology determine that it has corrosion resistance, and its corrosion resistance is similar to that of nickel steel. 5. Flame retardant PEEK is a linear aromatic semi-crystalline polymer with its own flame retardant properties. PEEK has passed the flame retardant test (UL94 test, vertical burning rate test and self-extinguishing time test), and the burning rate of the 1.45mm sample without any additives is V-0, which is the highest level of flame retardant. PEEK is used in construction materials, vehicles and appliances that require high flame resistance and aqueous environments. 6. Anti-peeling PEEK has good anti-peeling properties. It can be used to make very thin wire and cable insulation, so that they can be used in harsh environments and conditions. 7. The radiation-resistant PEEK material can maintain its original performance under the action of gamma rays. That's better than polystyrene, the most radiation-resistant general-purpose resin. When the gamma irradiation dose of 1100Mrad is made, the good insulation ability of the high-performance wire can still be maintained. 8. Hydrolysis resistance PEEK and its composite materials are not affected by water and high-pressure water vapor. Products made of this material can maintain excellent performance when used continuously in high-temperature and high-pressure water. Conclusion As a semi-crystalline organic polymer belonging to the PAEK family, PEEK possesses mechanical, thermal, chemical, and electrical properties that make it a material of choice for several engineering applications. Vowinprovides more than 30 kinds of engineering materials to choose from for your project, contact us now to get a cost-effective one-stop processing solution.
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