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What is a precision injection mold?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-04
Precision injection mold refers to a device that injects resin material into a metal model to obtain a product of a certain shape. In fact, in order to control the temperature of the mold, there are cooling holes, heaters and other devices on the mold to allow the refrigerant to pass through. The material that has become a melt enters the main channel, and enters the mold cavity through the distribution channel and the pouring port. After the cooling stage, the mold is opened, and the top device on the molding machine will top the rod and push out the product, and the molded product consists of a main flow channel that causes the molten resin to enter the mold cavity and the product.

The resin enters the mold cavity, and we usually design the length of the split channel to be the same length. Main channel and branch channel in molded products are not products and are sometimes discarded or crushed as molding materials. We call it recycled material. Recycled materials are generally not used alone as molding materials, and are usually mixed with new materials. This is because the mechanical properties, fluidity, color and other characteristics of the resin will change after one molding.

1. Rapid mold manufacturing Rapid mold making technology has short mold making cycle, simple process, easy to popularize, low cost of mold making, precision and life can meet specific functional requirements, good overall economic benefits, is a fast, convenient and practical mold manufacturing Technology, especially suitable for new product development, process verification, function verification and small batch production; 2. Precision injection molding rapid manufacturing technology; 3. Precision injection molding technology.
By reasonably determining the size and tolerance of the mold, taking technical measures to prevent shrinkage errors, injection deformation, mold release deformation, overflow, etc., to ensure the accuracy of the mold, using the correct precision injection molding process, applicable engineering plastic materials and precision injection molding equipment, to achieve the best best match.
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