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What are the welding materials and preparations for plastic molds?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-20
The welding material of the plastic mold is the most basic condition and the most critical place. According to different mold materials and different heat treatment states, choose the most suitable welding material.

In the annealed state, the heat treatment mold is not welded, and the material and the base metal should be the same as possible to avoid cracking during heat treatment and affect performance problems. General welding materials should have good tempering resistance and thermal fatigue resistance, and should maintain high hardness after welding.
For molds that have been heat-treated, the welding structure should meet the performance requirements of the mold, and welding materials with excellent high-temperature performance are generally used. Even if some materials are different from the base metal, the performance after welding is even better than that of the base metal.

Special parts and components such as the high-temperature zone of the mold and the splitter cone need to use high-alloy hardness welding materials, the hardness reaches the standard, and the anti-aluminum alloy erosion performance is good.

Preparations must be made before welding: clear the cracks on the surface of the mold in time. If the welding groove is narrow, it is very unfavorable to the welding quality, so it is necessary to perform arc treatment on the groove. The main reason for the pores in the weld is that there are a lot of impurities, oxides and oil stains in and around the welding position, which need to be cleaned up as soon as possible.
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