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What are the key design factors for injection molding of outdoor power supplies

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-16
What are the key design factors for injection molding processing of outdoor power supplies? Shanghai Mulan Injection Molding Processing Factory pointed out that injection molding processing is a process with high technical requirements, and has high requirements for the ability and experience of related technical posts. If you want to avoid detours and reduce unnecessary losses in injection molding processing, you need to check from the source of design. So, what are the key design factors for outdoor power supply injection molding?

1. Mold design: Injection mold design is a key link in injection molding processing, which requires sufficient homework and a lot of energy in the early stage. Especially for complex injection molding parts such as outdoor power supplies, the cavity structure of the mold will be relatively complex, so the internal structure of the cavity should be considered when designing the mold. For example, the curve should be designed as smooth and soft as possible to avoid sudden changes in the flow direction of the melt. cause stress to build up in the part;

2. Part design: The design of injection molding parts pursues the combination of practicality, aesthetics and manufacturing. Therefore, the design of the parts requires uniform wall thickness of the old parts, the strength of the parts, the cooling speed of the parts, etc., and the strength of the parts and the production speed are ensured under the premise of controlling the cost;

3. Gate design and positioning: The gate position is generally close to the rear part to avoid problems such as dents, voids, and insufficient packaging of parts during the injection molding process, reduce wall thickness, and make the melt flow along the cavity at the thick gate Lower thinning ensures good fluidity;

4. Molding conditions and parameters: Molding conditions include mold, melt temperature, cooling time, injection pressure, injection speed, holding pressure, time, etc., which affect the effect of the finished product. These molding conditions need to meet the necessary requirements for outdoor power injection molding.

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