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What are the control points in the plastic mold production process?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-21
After the plastic mold is manufactured, experience debugging and inspection are required. As long as it is confirmed that there is no problem at all, it can be applied to mass production. Whether it is mold debugging or formal production, the mold must be controlled to ensure normal production and mold quality. What are the main points of mold control?

The quality of plastic parts requires key control, which is mainly divided into dimensional state and appearance quality control. The size of the parts must not exceed the specified tolerance. Once exceeded, it needs to be revised in a timely and reasonable manner. Appearance quality should prevent burrs, cracks, peeling and other obvious defects through process technology. When the process technology is difficult to solve, the mold can be repaired to improve the surface quality of the part, and the surface of the mold can also be treated to increase the hardness.

Under the control of production efficiency, the forming and quality of parts are greatly affected by the speed of the press. Parts form better when the press uses low speeds during stretching. If you want to improve production efficiency, you need to increase the speed of the press, but the increase in speed will increase the probability of parts cracking, so the staff must control the speed of the press.

Cost control, ensure the quality and appearance of parts, avoid repeated processing caused by too many defective products, use technology reasonably, and avoid excessive parts expectations. While saving costs, care must be taken to ensure that the dimensional accuracy and quality of the parts are up to standard.
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