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What are the characteristics of mold processing in Shanghai Mold Manufacturing Factory

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-19
What are the characteristics of mold processing in Shanghai Mold Manufacturing Factory? Speaking of injection mold factory, you guess it is a factory that produces injection molds or injection molds and injection molded products. At the same time, due to the wide application of injection products, many entrepreneurs in the market have devoted themselves to the plastic industry, and some manufacturers only make injection molds. , do not have the ability to process products by injection molding, but some integrate the R&D and manufacturing of injection molds to the processing of injection molded products. As a factory from injection mold research and development to injection molding processing, Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory introduced today
What are the characteristics of mold processing:

1. Requirements for precision and surface quality, as well as service life.

The current dimensional accuracy requirements for ordinary plastic products are IT6-7, surface roughness Ra0.2-0.1μm, and the corresponding dimensional accuracy requirements for injection molded parts reach IT5-6, surface roughness Ra0.1μm or less. On the laser disc, the roughness of the recording surface should reach the mirror processing level of 0.02-0.01 micron, which requires the surface roughness of the injection mold to be below 0.01 micron.

What are the characteristics of mold processing in Shanghai Mold Manufacturing Factory? Long-term injection molds are very necessary to improve the efficiency of injection molds and reduce costs. At present, the service life of injection molds generally requires more than one million times. The injection mold should adopt a mold base with high rigidity, increase the thickness of the template, and add support columns or conical positioning elements to prevent the deformation of the injection mold after being compressed, and sometimes the internal pressure can reach 100MPa. The feeding device is an important factor affecting product deformation and dimensional accuracy. The feeding position should be selected so that each part can be demoulded evenly. In terms of structure, high-precision injection molds mostly adopt embedded or full-joint structures, which require processing accuracy for injection mold parts and greatly improve interchangeability.

2. The process is long and the production time is short.

For injection molded parts, most of them are products that are matched with other parts, and many other parts have been completed, and I can't wait to wait for the injection molded parts to go on the market. Due to the diversity of resin material properties, there are high requirements for the shape or dimensional accuracy of the product. After the production is completed, mold trials and calibrations must be repeated, which makes the time for product development and delivery very tight.

3. Off-site design, off-site production.

Mold making is not the purpose, but the product design is put forward by the user. The injection mold manufacturer designs and manufactures the mold according to the user's requirements. In most cases, the injection molding production of the product is also done by other manufacturers. This leads to product design, injection mold design and manufacturing, and off-site production of products.

4. The cavity and core are three-dimensional surfaces.

The internal and external shapes of plastic products are formed directly through the cavity and the core mold. It is very difficult to process such complex three-dimensional profiles, especially for the blind hole profiles formed in the cavity. If the traditional injection mold processing method is used, not only the The technical level of workers and the number of auxiliary fixtures are required, there are many tools, and the processing cycle is long.

5. Meticulous division of labor and dynamic combination.

What are the characteristics of mold processing in Shanghai Mold Manufacturing Factory? Mold production batches are small, and generally belong to single-piece production, but injection molds require a large number of standard parts, ranging from mold bases to small thimbles, which cannot and cannot be completed by one manufacturer independently, and the manufacturing process is complicated. Ordinary equipment and The use of CNC equipment is extremely uneven.
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