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The difference between two-color injection molding and in-mold injection molding and structural design considerations

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-18
The essential difference between two-color injection molding and in-mold injection molding

1. Two-color injection molding is realized on a two-color injection molding machine. One material is injected into a product, and then the mold is turned over on the two-color machine to jump to the corresponding mold cavity of another injection plastic cylinder. The part is used as an insert and the other material is injected to form a one-piece bi-material product. The injection molding machine is a double barrel and a double mold cavity. The injection molding process is the simultaneous production of products made of two materials, but the product of one cavity will enter the next cavity as an insert.
2. The other is two-step injection molding (mold injection molding), where one material part is formed on the injection molding machine, put into another mold as an insert, and then the second material is injected.

The simplest explanation is. Two-color injection molding is one-time molding by the injection molding machine, and in-mold injection molding is one-time or multiple molding of the attached product.

Another popular explanation is:
Two-color injection molding is to throw materials into the injection molding machine, and the finished product you need comes out.

In-mold injection molding needs to be put into the product that needs to be combined before molding, and then injection molded into one piece.
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