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Quality Control in Machining Plants

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-08
No matter what industry you are in, quality assurance is very important, and it is also true for machining factories that make prototypes and custom parts. So how should a qualified supplier control quality? Effectively understand and realize the customer's customized needs 1. Understand the purpose of the customer's product: a. Design verification: the design verification prototype is designed to help customers realize the visual effect of the design, and the quality of the appearance effect is particularly important at this time. b. Engineering verification: In the product development stage, engineering verification can help customers test whether the product meets the design specifications, test materials, mechanical and optical properties. At this stage, the realization of tolerance accuracy and the quality of test assembly are very important. c. Small batch production verification: This stage is used to test the production line, including output, time, identification of defects and optimization. It is also suitable for sales, research market feedback, and determine subsequent production. At this time, it is necessary to be as close as possible to the finished product that is finally put on the market, and strictly control the quality of appearance and tolerance accuracy. 2. Understand the customer's drawings: It is very important to understand the customer's drawings and understand the meaning behind each hole, part and tolerance of the customer's drawings, because CNC machining usually has some processing limitations, such as undercuts, rounded corners, And understanding drawings can know whether these limitations will affect the customer's design, or need to use other methods to achieve the customer's design. For example, in a three-plate welded part, two of the surfaces used for assembly require very high verticality tolerances. At this time, the processing sequence must be adjusted. First, use a knife to saw the material size of a specific size, and then weld the three plates. Both surfaces are CNC milled to achieve this squareness tolerance. You can try it, if you adjust this processing sequence, you will know that it will be another bad result. That's why understanding drawings is so important. In Woneng, we have a technical sales team with expertise in processing and manufacturing, which can provide professional services, including timely support from quotation to after-sales, covering manufacturable design, materials, manufacturing processes, etc. Qualified quality management system—ISO 9001:21025 Through this quality management system, we realize scientific management, focus on the customized needs of customers, and aim to fulfill customers' expectations on quality and delivery time to the maximum. At present, we have achieved more than 95% finished product pass rate and on-time delivery rate. Strict order production process 1. Double review the order and drawing quotation stage to review the manufacturing rationality analysis and provide suggestions for improving the design; after placing the order, the production team will review the drawings again, ensure the standard of the process and the production plan. Double review the drawings, treat each order carefully, and achieve the quality requirements of customer needs. 2. Inspection of incoming materials to confirm whether the size, grade, quantity, etc. of the materials meet the specifications. 3. Test of CNC processing and clamping IPQC measures important dimensions according to the process drawings to see if they meet the specifications. 4. Inspection of the first piece The first piece after getting off the machine needs to be fully inspected to see if it meets the specifications. Every 5 pieces of mass production will be randomly inspected to ensure the continuity and quality of production. 5. Reason analysis and corrective measures for unqualified products. When the detection fails, it should be suspended in time, and the reasons should be analyzed, including the accuracy of clamping and tool positioning, and adjustments should be made. 6. Outgoing inspection OQC uses quality inspection equipment such as three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine, 3D scanner, micrometer, needle gauge, surface roughness meter to detect each size of the drawing, and provides a size report to the customer. Summary Shenzhen Wooneng Machining Factory has a sales team with solid professional ability, which can effectively understand the needs of customers and achieve effective communication with engineers; the quality management system in operation has been approved and certified by the ISO 9001:2015 standard, and the strict The advanced production process also allows us to achieve the guarantee of continuous quality and customer satisfaction. If you need to find a high-quality prototype and custom parts supplier, please feel free to contact us.
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