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Injection molding manufacturers teach you how to carry out maintenance and maintenance of injection molding machines

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-13
In order to increase work efficiency, Shanghai Mulan injection molding processing factory may produce close to 24 hours a day. If it is calculated as 25 days a month, it will accumulate 600 hours per month, so a year will be 7200 hours. 4~5 times, so in order to prolong the service life of the machine, the maintenance of the injection molding machine must be more important than the general industrial machine.

1. Inspection before operation

(1) Inspection of hydraulic oil volume: determine whether the oil volume is higher than the lower limit of the oil gauge and lower than the limit.

(2) Temperature opening and inspection: Make sure whether the electric heating devices on the dryer, barrel, and mold are normal.

(3) Inspection of safety door and emergency stop switch button.

(4) Inspection of low-pressure mold clamping device: determine whether the low-pressure mold clamping device protecting the mold is in good condition.

(5) Lubricating device and inspection: Whether the oil in the oil cup and the oiler is sufficient, and whether the pipeline of the oiler is completely unobstructed.

(6) Inspection of moving parts: Every moving part on the machine needs to be properly lubricated, and impurities and dust in the injection molding process of the moving parts must be wiped off to keep the friction surface smooth and clean. The tool is placed on the active part.

(7) Inspection of cooling water: Make sure that there is no water leakage in the cooling water pipe system to ensure sufficient water and cooling efficiency.

8. Learn to check other conditions and whether the various set temperature, pressure, speed, time, distance and other parameters are correct.

9. Check the pole switch and the control cam, and adjust and fix it if necessary, especially when the mold is replaced.

(10) Inspection of empty car operation: slightly lower the injection pressure, manually operate the power on and turn it on automatically, and make it run empty for 10-30 minutes. After a continuous stable condition, it can be officially operated.

(11) Inspection of abnormal noise: record the sound during normal operation, the sound of the hydraulic pump, and detect abnormal phenomena such as filter blockage, suction, internal wear, etc. The hum of the solenoid valve is related to combustion, and the relay A humming sound indicates dirt and dust between the contact points.

2. Inspection during shutdown

(1) Close the material gate of the hopper, reduce or close the heating of the hopper (depending on the length of downtime).

(2) Continue to shoot one or two shots.

(3) Turn off or lower the electric heating system of the hopper (depending on the length of downtime).

(4) Clean the mold and do anti-rust treatment (depending on the length of downtime).

(5) Turn off the cooling water and cut off the power supply.

(6) Clean up the machine.

3. Regular weekly inspection

(1) Inspection of the electric heater: Check whether there is a broken wire or a poorly connected wire.

(2) Oil leakage inspection: Check whether there is any oil leakage, even a small amount of oil leakage should be paid attention to.

(3) Inspection of the screw part: Check whether there is any looseness in the screw part of the whole machine.

(4) Inspection of nozzle electric heating: If the resin is found to adhere to the wire and the end of the nozzle electric heater, remove it.

(5) Removal of waste oil accumulated in the machine.

(6) In the first six months of cleaning the oil filter, clean it regularly every 2 to 3 weeks, and then clean it every 2 to 3 months.

(7) Clean up the whole machine.

4. Regular monthly inspection

(1) Shanghai Mulan Injection Molding Factory will re-check the weekly inspection items with a stricter and more accurate attitude.

(2) Ground wire inspection: Check whether the ground wire connection is intact and whether the terminal part is loose. If the grounding is not complete, there may be an accident of electric shock.

(3) Inspection of the electrical circuit part: Check whether the relay is completely inserted into the socket, whether dust, water, oil and foreign objects stick to the contact part, and whether the screws of the terminal part are loose.

(4) Inspection of sliding feet of movable mold base and hydraulic motor base: Check whether the sliding feet are worn and whether the screws are loose.

(5) Cleaning and inspection of the cooler: If ground water, industrial water, or salt water is used, please disassemble and clean the cooler every month, which can improve the efficiency and life of the cooler. Generally, purified tap water should be cleaned every six months.

Five, six months a regular inspection

(1) Shanghai Mulan Injection Molding Factory will check the items every month, and then do the inspection with a stricter and more accurate attitude.

(2) Periodic inspection of hydraulic oil: Ask the oil dealer to carry out regular inspection of oil quality.

(3) Check whether the various moving parts of the machine are abnormally worn.

6. Periodic inspection once a year

(1) Shanghai Mulan Injection Molding Co., Ltd. will re-inspect the inspection items with a half-year deadline with a stricter and more accurate attitude.

(2) Inspection of the electric motor: People who clean the cooling part of the electric motor with copper or blown with air will have grease and dust clogging, which will directly generate heat and other thermal damage to the motor.

(3) Inspection of the ventilation window system: The ventilation window is installed on the machine table for ventilation, so the grease and dust must be removed to prevent the motor from being damaged due to overheating or the oil temperature rising.

(4) Measurement of anti-insulation: the coating of wires is easy to age, and anti-insulation measurement is required to prevent accidental leakage.

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