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In injection molds, how many types of ejection mechanisms are there? What are their components?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-19
In injection molds, there are generally four types of ejector mechanisms; generally composed of ejector rods, ejector plates, ejector fixing plates, guide posts and guide sleeves, reset rods, pull rods, and stop pins;

Injection molds generally use a one-time ejection mechanism, and the product can be demoulded with only one ejection action.
The ejector rod directly acts on the product, which can take the product off the injection mold;

The ejector plate and the ejector fixed plate are mainly used to block the ejector mechanism;

The guide post and guide sleeve make the ejection process free from stagnation and make the ejection action more stable and reliable;

The reset lever is used to return the ejector mechanism to its original position after ejection;
The tie rod is used to hook the aggregate of the gating system when the injection mold is opened, so that the aggregate falls off from the main channel;

The stop pin is to leave a gap between the top plate and the bottom plate to remove dirt. At the same time, by adjusting the thickness of the stop pin, the position and ejection distance of the ejector rod can be controlled.
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