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If the injection molding product has quality problems, how to find the problem from the injection mold

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-07
injection molding
If the product has quality problems
, how to find the problem from the injection mold?

1. If it is found that the geometric shape of the plastic product is unstable and the error of the external dimension is relatively large during the injection molding process, it may be that the compression ratio of the inner cavity of the mold is relatively small; The temperature of the mold body is not uniform.

2. If you see yellowing on the surface of the product and frequent focal spots, the expansion angle of the splitter cone in the mold may be relatively large, resulting in high resistance to the flow of the molten material; there may be a stagnation area in the cavity of the molten material flow channel of the mold, and the material The flow is not smooth; there is a flow-blocking foreign object in the flow channel cavity.

3. If the longitudinal grooves on the surface of the product are uninterrupted, there may be foreign matter stuck in a certain part of the flow channel cavity, and there may be scratches, burrs or severely worn rough surfaces on the shaped parts.
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