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How should the two-color injection mold be designed-​Shanghai Mulan Two-color Mold Processing Factory

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-17
How should the two-color injection mold be designed? Shanghai Mulan Two-color Mold Processing Factory has a two-color injection mold among the injection molds. This kind of mold is very popular in the market because of its beautiful appearance. It is more cumbersome. It needs to use two kinds of plastic materials for production, and two molding operations are required to form a two-color mold. So when designing this two-color injection mold, what design principles and design points do you need to master, so that you can design a two-color mold product that is more in line with people's needs?

1. Master the key points of design

When designing a two-color mold, you must master the key points of the design. Shanghai Mulan Two-color Mold Processing Factory has rich experience in this area. It tells people that when designing an injection mold, you must understand the key points of the design. Be aware and pay attention to some details in the design process, so that the design of the two-color mold can be more in line with the needs of customers. To maintain symmetry, the front mold and the rear mold should also be kept symmetrical. When designing, the front mold should be rotated at an angle of 180 degrees, and the rear mold cannot be moved. When making a two-color mold, it is also necessary to know how the product spacing is carried out. Measurement is based on the same nozzle spacing as the standard for injection molding. Here, it is necessary to know whether the direction of the nozzle provided by the customer is on the X-axis or the Y-axis, so that the layout of the product can be better arranged.

How should the two-color injection mold be designed? Now our nozzle spacing is generally not adjustable, and the nozzle spacing of individual injection molding machines abroad can be adjusted. In the design process, it should be clear that the ejection system is two separate systems, with two ejector pins on it, and the ejector pins are generally designed to be waist-shaped. The two products and ejector pins of the rear mold are the same, but the two It is a relationship of rotation, and it must not be designed as a relationship of translation when designing. The back mold needs to be rotated during the working process, so when designing, the design of the thimble plate should use springs instead of screws, because the springs can be reset. The side lock of the two-color injection mold should be located around the two-color mold, and the front and rear molds must be symmetrical, otherwise the front and rear molds may be asymmetrical after rotation.

2. Understand the principles of production

After designing the two-color injection mold, you need to understand the basic principles of production, so that you can make better two-color mold products. If you use hard glue to make two-color injection molds, you only need to do it once. Yes, if you want to use soft glue to complete the mold making of two-color injection molding, you need to do it twice. If you want to make the injection mold transparent, you only need to do it once. If you want to make it opaque, you need to make it twice. , the two-color mold with a relatively high temperature after molding only needs to be done once, and the mold with a relatively low temperature after molding needs to be done twice. Only by mastering the above mold principles for this kind of two-color injection molding can we make better molds.

How should the two-color injection mold be designed? When Shanghai Mulan Two-color Mold Processing Factory designs the two-color injection mold, it must master the key points of the design and understand the principles of production, so that the two-color mold products produced can better meet the needs of customers. Use requirements to achieve good results.
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