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Core-pulling runner injection mold for outdoor power supply side

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-16
1. Structural analysis of plastic parts

The core-pulling runner injection mold on the side of the outdoor power supply, Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory The plastic part is a box-shaped part, the material is ABS, and the shrinkage rate is 0.5%. There is a large through hole in the middle of the plastic part, and there are three plastic rods in the through hole. column. The two ends of the plastic part are more complicated and require lateral core pulling.

2. Structural analysis of injection mold

The injection mold is a typical two-plate mold structure, with a fan-shaped side gate gating system, and the specification: C1-2730-A60-1B370-C80. One mold has two cavities, and the other is the cross-alignment method. Both ends of the plastic parts are all in the Fu Forming on the core and powdering on the actuator, the conventional 'oblique guide ten slide block' structure is used, and the 'spring ten screw stop pin' is used for positioning, which is simple and reliable. The side catching core and the moving and fixed mold pins pass through, firstly, it is beneficial to sealing; secondly, the sealing surface has no friction and will not wear during the drawing process; thirdly, the side core pulling structure has been simplified. In order to fight against small friction and improve the life of the injection mold, the pressing block adopts a split type, the locking block is inlaid with wear-resistant blocks, and the wear-resistant block is also added under the slider. All adopt mosaic structure.

Shanghai Mulan Mold Factory, in order to reduce the wear of the push rod and the movable mold insert, the push rod fixing plate of the injection mold is equipped with guide posts and guide sleeves. In order to reduce the contact between the push rod bottom plate and the injection mold bottom plate To prevent the reset of the push rod plate from being affected by the falling of material particles or sundries during the production process, the secondary injection mold is equipped with four limit nails (commonly known as garbage nails). The limit column is set to prevent the return spring from being compressed too much If it is too large to affect its life, the stroke of the push rod should be as small as possible in order to safely eject the plastic part. In order to make the injection mold safe and reliable during transportation and storage in the warehouse, the injection mold is equipped with a locking buckle. In order to improve the life and precision of the injection mold, positioning blocks are set on the four sides of the injection mold.

3. Working process of injection mold

In the core-pulling runner injection mold on the side of the outdoor power supply, the melt enters the runner on the parting surface through the main channel in the sprue sleeve, and enters the cavity of the injection mold from the fan-shaped side gate. Shanghai Mulan Injection Mold Factory in the cavity After medium cooling and solidification until it has sufficient rigidity, the injection molding machine pulls the movable mold to open the mold, and the plastic part is separated from the fixed mold cavity. At the same time, during the mold opening process, each inclined guide column moves the slider to perform lateral core pulling. The core pulling distance is 10.5 mm, controlled by positioning pins and. The mold opening distance of the two-plate mold is determined by the injection molding machine according to the size of the plastic part. After the lateral core pulling and mold opening stroke are completed, the ejector rod of the injection molding machine pushes the push rod fixing plate through the K.O. hole, and the push rod pushes the plastic part out of the moving mold. The push rod stroke is 25mm and is controlled by the positioning pin. The injection mold completes one injection molding.
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