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by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-05
Knowing the cost behind CNC machined parts will help you find various techniques for minimizing CNC production costs. 3 Main Factors Affecting the Cost of CNC Machining Parts You may be wondering why part A is much more expensive than part B when in fact part B is smaller than part A? In the machining industry, prices for CNC machined parts vary and, like most products, do not depend solely on size. The price of manufacturing a CNC machined part is usually a combination of different factors, which can be reduced to three main factors: part complexity, functional requirements and materials used. 1. Part complexity Certain geometries and features are difficult to achieve and require special tools and extensive programming to make. So, as a rule of thumb, the more complex the part, the more expensive it will be. Complex parts are difficult to achieve because they require unconventional measures such as longer machining times, higher operator skill levels, multiple machining processes, and special tooling, all of which require leveraged operating costs. 2. Dimensions and surface treatment requirements Part labeling (such as size restrictions, function control and finish requirements) can seriously affect the price of CNC machined parts. This is because parts with tight tolerances will require the manufacturer to perform a series of more intensive machining operations to ensure compliance of the part set as required. In other words, manufacturers will require additional machining processes and rigorous inspection sets, which require special gauges and skilled operators. 3. Materials used The materials required for your part will affect the processing price in different ways, these factors include: Machining a large part will require the use of expensive tooling, special fixtures and extra effort. This is why machining large parts can be very difficult and often takes longer to machine than smaller parts. Machinability - Highly machinable materials such as brass and aluminum are very easy to cut and cost less than less machinable materials such as brass. 7 Tips for Saving the Cost of CNC Machined Parts Now that you understand the main factors that affect machining costs, let us provide you with 7 practical tips to minimize the cost of manufacturing custom CNC machined parts. 1. Choose materials wisely Choose materials based on the application of the part. Remember to choose highly machinable materials whenever possible. Hard materials (such as steel, titanium or other superalloys) are used only where mechanical properties are required. 2. Simplify the part design You should simplify the part as much as possible and focus on the design that makes sense. To minimize machining time, tool utilization, and machining process, do not overcomplicate part features when they are irrelevant to your application. Note that the price of the part rises with the complexity of the machined part. 3. Avoid tighter tolerances where possible Parts with tighter tolerances are difficult to manufacture and therefore expensive. Control dimensions only when critical to the overall functionality of the part. A great tip we can give you is to design parts to have a common reference point or datum. This will help both you and the mechanic. First, you want to minimize the dimensional controls that need to be placed on the part, and second, the machinist, to reduce inspection time. 4. If complexity is unavoidable, one of the complex parts can be converted into a modular component. When a part becomes too complex, it is recommended to split a complete part into multiple components to be assembled. This will make processing easier and simpler. It significantly reduces setup times, reduces machining operations, and optimizes machining times. This is a strategy designers often use to increase the manufacturability of a part and reduce its manufacturing cost. 5. Consider hole size and contours When manufacturing CNC parts, you should ensure that part features (such as holes, contours, slots, threads, etc.) can be made with commonly available standard tools. Custom hole and thread sizes will require special tooling, which can be very expensive. Remember to use special hole sizes only when required or required by the application. 6. Avoid using thin-walled and deep cavities in part design Thin-walled parts and deep cavities are difficult to achieve through machining, and they are usually prone to dimensional errors. These part characteristics often cause the part to vibrate and sometimes lead to part scrapping. As we said, difficult parts are actually expensive to manufacture. 7. Plan machining operations wisely to minimize machine operations as much as possible. More operations means longer setup and machining times. Strategize your machining techniques to minimize part setup changes. Summary To minimize the cost of producing CNC machined parts, you should always consider the complexity of the part, its size and finish requirements, and the materials used. Always keep in mind that the more difficult a part is to make, the more expensive it will be, so all in all, make the part as simple as possible.
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