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According to different types of gating systems, what are the types of plastic molds?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-15
Plastic mold is an abbreviation for combination mold of compression molding, extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding and low foam molding. A series of plastic parts of different shapes and sizes can be processed by the coordinated changes of the mold convex, concave mold and auxiliary molding system. According to different types of gating systems, what types of plastic molds can be divided into?

Molds can be divided into three categories:
(1) Dashuikou Mold: The runners and gates are on the parting line, and are released from the product when the mold is opened. The design is the simplest, the processing is convenient, and the cost is low, so many people use the large water outlet system.

(2) Fine sprue mold: runners and gates are not on the parting line, usually directly on the product. Therefore, it is necessary to design multiple sets of nozzle parting lines, which is complex in design and difficult in processing. Generally, the fine nozzle system is selected according to the product requirements.

(3) Hot runner mold: The structure of this mold is roughly the same as that of the fine runner. The biggest difference is that the runners are in one or more constant temperature hot runner plates and hot nozzles, there is no cold material demoulding, and the runners and gates are directly on the product, so the runners do not need to be demolded. This system, also known as the no-spout system, can save raw materials and is suitable for situations where raw materials are expensive, product requirements are high, design and processing are difficult, and mold costs are high.

The hot runner system, also known as the hot runner system, is mainly composed of a hot sprue sleeve, a hot sprue plate, and a temperature control electric box. Our common hot runner system has two forms: single-point hot gate and multi-point hot gate. Single-point thermal gate is to directly enter the molten plastic into the cavity with a single thermal sprue sleeve, which is suitable for plastic molds with single cavity and single gate; multi-point thermal gate is to branch the molten material to each mold through the thermal gate plate Hot sprue sleeve, and then into the cavity. Suitable for single-cavity multi-feed or multi-cavity molds.
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