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Why Swelling and Bubbles Occur in Metal Insert Injection Molding

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-18
After the injection molding is demolded, the injection molded product of the metal insert quickly swells and bubbles on the back of the metal insert or in a particularly thick part. Through the engineer's analysis of the problem, it was concluded that this was due to the expansion of gas released by the plastic that had not been completely cooled and hardened under internal pressure.

The specific measures to solve the swelling foam of injection molding products are as follows:
(1) Reduce the temperature of the injection mold and increase the mold opening time.
(2) Reduce the drying temperature and processing temperature of the plastic, reduce the filling speed, reduce the injection cycle, and reduce the flow resistance of the molten plastic.

(3) Increase pressure and time during injection molding.

(4) Improve the situation that the wall surface of the injection molded product is too thick or the thickness changes greatly.
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