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Why is the size of the plastic injection mold injection product unstable?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-14
The dimensional accuracy of plastic injection molding products is an important data to measure whether the product is qualified. If the size of the plastic mold injection product is unstable, the plastic part is a substandard product. We need to carefully analyze the reasons for the dimensional instability of plastic parts.

One: Injection molding machine
(1) The feeding system of the injection molding machine is abnormal.

(2) The back pressure is unstable or the temperature control is unstable during injection.

(3) The hydraulic system of the injection molding machine fails.

Two: Injection mold

(1) Gate and runner sizes are unbalanced.

(2) The size of the cavity is not accurate.

Three: Injection molding process
(1) Inhomogeneous injection mold temperature or improper cooling circuit lead to unreasonable mold temperature control.

(2) Low pressure during injection.

(3) Insufficient or fluctuating injection holding time.

(4) The cylinder temperature is high or the injection cycle is unstable.

Four: raw materials

(1) When the batch production is changed, the properties of the plastic will change.

(2) Plastic has high moisture content.
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