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Why is the cost of plastic mold opening so expensive?

by:Vowin Rapid Prototyping     2023-02-22
Why is the mold opening cost of plastic mold products so high? From ten thousand to hundreds of thousands, or even millions.

It depends on the complexity of your product structure. If the product is relatively simple, the cost of mold opening will be cheaper. On the contrary, the structure is more complicated, and the cost of product mold opening will be higher. For example, a simple building block can be completed with only a set of flat molds, and the mold structure does not require inclined roofs and row positions, so the cost from design to mold trial is only about 20,000 yuan. So, what about a complex product structure? For example, plastic molds for automotive structural parts need to design more complex parts to make products.
A set of complex plastic molds has many structures, such as row position, inclined top, inner core pulling, front mold ejection, etc.

First of all, we put the product design aside and only look at the cost components of the plastic mold, which consists of three links, the first is the early design of the plastic mold, and the second is the mold processing process (computer gong, discharge, wire cutting , milling machine, grinding machine, three-dimensional inspection, etc. and assembly; the last one is the mold test, and the first ok of the mold test can be put into mass production normally.

If you want to reduce the cost of plastic molds, you must start from the source, design the perfect product, and consider all the problems. Why did you say that? Because if there is a problem with the design of your product itself, then subsequent product changes will be involved. Once the product needs to be changed, the design of the mold must be changed together. After the mold change is completed, a new round of mold testing will be performed. Small change of mold will take 3-5 days.

After the product design is completed, it is necessary to find a reliable plastic mold company to design the mold structure according to the product. A good mold company will help you save costs at the source when evaluating the feasibility in the early stage. Moreover, the first-time success rate of quick mold trial is also very important. A high first-time success rate will save you a lot of manpower and material costs. On the contrary, before the trial mold, bad plastic mold companies have repeatedly repaired the mold and still cannot meet your dimensional tolerance requirements. Finally, it is difficult to achieve mass production, which will cause your product to not be sold in the market in a short time, thus missing the best market opportunity, time is money.
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